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  • Break through to capture opportunities

  • Or simply, get unstuck!

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After nearly three decades working with hundreds of organizations to move innovation forward, Jon Broome and Associates knows that innovation is, well innovative, as well as tricky, illusive, often stuck and/or out of control.  If your team is finding innovation doing just about everything except moving forward, we can help.

Every business innovation challenge is unique.  We treat them that way. Rather than apply “out-of-the-box” solutions, our open architecture format is both effective and efficient in creating uniquely desirable results.

  1. Strategic leadership clarification for alignment. This may include leadership retreats.

  2. Thorough assessment of the team using interviews and various survey modalities.

  3. “Collaborative Creation Process” blends our expertise with your leadership to create uniquely effective and efficient change tactics and metrics for success.

  4. Actions often include coaching, training, workshops, team project facilitation, process analysis and improvement. 

  5. Follow through is planned for and accomplished using effectiveness assessment, process improvement and further team actions if needed.​​