"There's a better way to do it.  Find it!"  ~ Thomas Edison

​​“Four Keys to Unlocking Innovation” | Workshop $35​​


  • “Rapid Path to Market Group Workshop” | 1 day Small Group Workshop $99

    • Is this a "good" idea?   Viability Analysis

    • Where do I start?   "Path to Market" Plan

    • Where can I get a prototype made?   Vendor Qualification Process

    • Is someone already doing this?  Competition Search Process

    • Where and how can I sell my invention? Market Segment, Target and Position

  • “Product Launch Workshop Series” | Classes + Individual Coaching $349

    • From Idea to Up and Running

    • Practical and Applicable

    • Manufacturing or Service Oriented
    • Design for Manufacturability
    • Prototyping Essentials
    • Limited-Run Manufacturing
    • Ramping for Full-Scale Production
    • Marketing: Comprehensive Plan, Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning 
    • Sales: Making and Improving Sales​


  • Individual “Rapid Path to Market” planning consultations | $349 - $649

There are so many things to plan and do when launching a new venture.  The sheer volume of tasks can be both daunting, hard to organize, and even difficult to prioritize.  This costs many startups unnecessary time and money and ultimately opportunity during the start-up.

  •  The “Individual RPM”
    • The “Future focus” points the business toward a viable and enjoyable “big picture” future.
    • Creates a comprehensive view of everything that needs to happen to get to launch (and in what order).
    • Prioritizes these tasks so you spend your time in the most effective way.
    • Distills it all down to the critical items needed for the most rapid path to market.
      • This multi-step process includes: an in depth situation interview, analysis using our proprietary tools honed over nearly three decades, and a RPM Planning Session.
      • RPM planning session​
  • As needed consultation


We do many types of business research.  A few typical include:

  • Competition search (Is anyone else doing this?)

  • Patent search, patent pending and full patents

  • Supply chain search finds suppliers of design, prototype, limited run manufacturing, full scale manufacturing, business and financial services ​

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Initial Consultation of Your Idea!

  • “Viability to Possibility” | One-On-One Expert Counseling $120