"I have known and worked with Jon for about 5 years. He has challenged and changed completely the way I look at my business. Jon is currently working with some of my key people to gain a new perspective on how they work and what they bring to their world. He is making a significant difference in my business and how we do business and I can recommend him and his work without reservation."  ~ Teri Leads, CEO, Northwest Electric Manufacturing.  (Northwest Electrical Manufacturing has recently
 been picked by General Electric as 1 of the top 9 distributors in its industry).

"Jon, working with you opened my heart to the soulful possibilities of my dreams. I feel blessed and light..."     ~James Griffin, MBA

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"The Smurfit account dropped from $400K to only $40K. Jon's team traning and facilitation empowered the team to act. They had to try a few times but now the account tops $600K. Jon Broome and Associates is the best investment I ever made!"

~ Bob Strong, President, ConElectric Manufacturing.

"I was stuck! My invention was going nowhere. Then after only a few sessions with Jon, I began making money.  After only three years working together, I've sold the company and  retired.  Jon's "Ramp -Up"  planning really works!                                                                                          ~Paul Berger, "Bumper Bowling"

"Low income people in Oregon are now getting primary health care at CHS Primary Care Clinic. The people of Oregon extend our thanks to Jon Broome, MBA. Your leadership and hard work brought this service from a mere dream to the reality of improved health care for all Oregonians."   ~Beverly Clarno, Secretary of Commerce, State of Oregon.

"Our CPA firm was underperforming our own long term financial projections.  Jon Broome and Associates put us backon track." 

~  Don Doerr, CPA, Managing Partner, Coopers & Lybrand Accounting

"With Jon's help, our team is meshing well and moving good ideas forward. Our business just didn't seem to grow the way we wanted.  With Jon's help, we launched the "Executive Services."  After only one year, they've grown our bottom line by 25%.  The money we spend with Jon Broome and Associates is among the best investments we've ever made."  
  ~  D. Griesell, CEO J&R Engineering

"Jon’s work with us helps us attract the best and brightest into the firm, and keep them!"

~Mike Lewis, CPA, Shareholder, Jones and Roth, PC

"You are a credit to the business community at large. Thank you sincerely."

 ~George C. Webb Jr.

Jon Broome & AssocIATES

"Your creativity and inspirational approach have been pivotal for our success." 

 ~ Chris Deck. Deck Family Farm

"Thanks to you we broke up the log jam."  ~ Christene Kryger, Dir.SBDC Network

"I didn't know where to start with my invention. Your Rapid Path To Market Tool has everything organized." 

                                                            ~ Paul Buckwell, founder, AKI industries.

"I didn't know where to start with my invention. Your Rapid Path To Market Tool has everything organized." Jon has been a tremendous asset in the building of my private practice. His expertise has helped save me much time and money. His RPM method gave me great focus on the priorities and kept me from wasting energy on actions of lesser importance. Jon is a joy with which to work.​      ~ David Anderson